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Alternatives to care homes

Choosing care that’s better for your circumstances

Choosing the right care – alternatives to residential care homes

When faced with the task of finding the right care for a loved one, family member or even a friend, the prospect may seem a tough hill to climb. Which company is best placed qualified to handle their wellbeing? Will their individual needs and circumstances be met? Will they be treated with the care and kindness they deserve? What’s affordable?

With such tough considerations, and a host of care options out there to choose from, these aren’t easy decisions to make when it’s time to make the call.

Often enough, many opt for the care home option. It’s a familiar solution to the challenges facing the people who make those hard decisions for thousands of elderly and disabled people across the UK every day. On the face of it, it seems the only tried and tested route to take.

However, domiciliary and live-in care is fast becoming a better, more viable and cost-effective alternative to care-related needs for old and young alike. And, there are many who simply don’t want to go into communal housing.

Why choose care at home over a care home?

Fundamentally, care at home allows your loved one to remain living in the home they’ve probably known for much of their life. In being able to remain living in their own home, those in care are able to:

  • Enjoy affordable care options by comparison to the high cost of care homes
  • Avoid the severe stresses associated with moving to an entirely new environment
  • Remain amongst the people, friends, pets and community they know
  • Receive personalised 24/7 live-in care or regular home visits as required that’s bespoke to their needs and requirements
  • Maintain a degree of independence and self-reliance
  • Keep enjoying many of their long-established routines and hobbies
  • Remain enjoying the same meals, activities, outings and activities
  • Not have to stick to regimented timetables and schedules of a care home

The benefits of live-in care at home

Delivering home care since 2001, we actively focus on ensuring the care we provide is personal at Athena Care. We make sure that our one-to-one carers also provide companionship to those they’re looking after – unlike the high carer-to-resident ratio of care homes.

Athena Care provides:

  • Highly-trained carers who are specifically matched to a client’s needs including dementia, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, disability and palliative care
  • A single, dedicated carer who really gets to know and understand their client as opposed to a revolving door of care staff
  • Personalised one-to-one support from a companion carer who sees through a client’s bespoke care plan
  • Specialist assistance for complex care requirements as you’d receive in a care home
  • Those with live-in care enjoy more outcomes-focused support

Talk to the Athena Care team today to find out more about care home alternatives.

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